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Drama Review: Working Mom Stay at Home Daddy

This drama centers around 3 kids and their families. The story tells of the parents each trying to live and find happiness through the situations that plague them in  21st century South Korea.

Our main couple Lee JaeMin and his wife MiSeo work for the same company. When they find out she is expecting their second child, things go awry as they try to figure out how they will take care of him. With Miso having already taken maternity leave for their first child and being set back at work for it, they are at a loss. Things ensue when JaeMin finally decides he will take the maternity leave to take care of their son. There on, he and his wife have to deal with the backlash and consequences of that decision from their job, coworkers, and family.

So I decided to take a chance on this drama because we’ll I liked the title and it seemed like it was a story that was a long time coming. It’s not often I watch 100 episode dramas, but this one was addicting entertaining. I looked forward to it everyday and still miss it.  Although it was filled with a lot of drama it was not the annoying  kind that makes you want to pull your hair out. There is some thing about watching a family drama that make you feel all bubbly inside. Especially when it’s about young families with little kids. All the drama just seems so small and yet so important.  It was nice to watch something in this day and age that was not focused on a broken family and people with twisted values.

It’s always a treat watching men taking care of babies. Not only because it funny watching them not know what to do but it is also nice to see how they work things out in the end. The 3 fathers were great together. The chemistry, the bad jokes, the bromance. All of it was joy to watch. I can’t even decide who was my favorite. They all had their own particular charms that you just couldn’t help but fall for them. I’m am also glad to see Han JiSang back for his second on screen roll after playing the older bother in Rosey Lovers. Man this guy is what you call a total all rounder. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Of course the women did a great job of bringing the drama. But there wouldn’t be a show with out them.  Each mother represent a different type of woman, the two income household wife, the breadwinner wife and the homemaker wife. They each had their own issues that I’m sure many people could relate to. Which is also probably why this show was such a good one.

I can’t finish talking about the women without mentioning the grandmas. I have to say that my favorite was JaeMin’s mother. That lady was a perfectly played plot device that you just couldn’t help but love. And the mother son dynamic between them was hilarious.

The children did a pretty good job with thier acting too. MinHo’s character played by Go SeungBo was so adorable. Not to mention Goo GunMin’s character Kim BangGeul, I would love to have a daughter daughter like her, so sweet and understanding. She was well played. And congratulations to GunMin for winning the 2016 best child actor award for this role. I think she definitely deserves it.

Frankly, I like the quirky main song. I cant wait to hear the full thing. The Drama had a lot of instances where they played a lot of American songs as background music in coffee shops etc. And the funny thing is that the music is always on point. That usually never happens. I was shocked every time and it gave me a good chuckle even when the scene was a serious one.

Here is what it Scored,

Plot – 9

Story -8

Character Development -9

Music -10

Acting –  9

Cinematography – 8

Over All – 9

Honestly, in his day and age where all you see is stories about affairs and infidelity being relished. A story about strong family values is like a breath of fresh air. Give it watch if you feel you need one. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get angry, you go uuuuuuuhhh.  I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.


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Drama Review: One More Happy Ending


Han Mimo is a former girl group member. She now runs a dating agency for divorcees  with one of her former band mates. She is awesome at her job and is totally in love with the concept of love. The only problem is that she cant seem have a successful relationship.  After a few random encounters with the gossip magazine reporter, Things begin to change for her.

This was one of my favorite shows this year. I heard about this drama and determined to watch it some time soon. I mean Jung KyunHo, Yoo InAh and even Kim TaeHoon (its not often you get to see this guy in a role where he is not evil). I knew for sure that I was not going to let it slip by. These folks always give a good performance no matter who they play. But it was only when I had nothing else to watch one weekend I decided to pick it up. And boy was it good. It reminded me of one of my favorite rom-com Movies  What happens in Vegas.

Maybe its just a bad side of me that enjoys reveling in peoples misery. I love how it just all happens so fast that there is no time for it to drag in the beginning. The ridiculous coincidences were kind of over the top. But its because of those unbelievable coincidences that it was so good. The first two episodes set the tone for the whole show and it didn’t drop (too far) till the end.
Although I am a little saddened by the no future story at the end I like what they chose to do to replace it. It definitely added a more realistic scene to the whole story.

There wear a few times though where the imagination or in your dreams scenes (like I like to call them) were a little out of place. but I’m many ways it added to the comedy aspect and really gave you something to laugh about

m the type that normally ends up bored or even annoyed by the main characters going through the usual motions of the kdrama love story. Because of that I often find myself taking a breather in the side stories of the secondary characters. Its been a while that I didn’t need to do that. But I must admit that they too were pretty good. The story found a way to portray  and deal with many  forms of love. And though they weren’t all the sugar coma candy sweet ones each story was a good watch.

All of the cameos that kept popping up out of nowhere were so funny, Kim SoYeon, Kwak ShiYang, Sandarac Park, Muzie, Oh JungSe not to mention Park YeongSoo. I always love watching him. lmao and even Conan. I was rolling on the floor when he showed up.

OK here is what it scored

Story – 8

Plot -9

Acting – 9

Cinematography – 8

Fashion – 8

Character Development – 9

comedy – 10

Over all – 8

If you are ever looking for a good laugh I bid you watch this drama it is definitely worth it . You get great love stories you can laugh at and empathize with.


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Drama Review: Squad 38

Let me first saw that watching a drama of this style is not easy for most people. It often takes a lot of thinking to follow all of the characters much less all the plans they come up with and how it worked. Even if you are a Soe In Guk Fan it may take a lot for you to stay appeased especially if you are the flair loving type.

Even if you only came for InGuk I bid you to stick around, It a great story with good acting and lots of devilishly good plots for getting back at the Man!

Many OCN dramas of this genre and usually gritty, with complex plot lines and have a tendency to put romance lines on the back burner(I’m talking a big ass 9 range stove here people). They are always there just close for you touch but still so far away. But with this didn’t quite have the edge that they usually do.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of having Choi SooYoung as the main character. (And I know in getting the stink eye from the snsd fans) Its not that is don’t like her, I’ve seen her act before. But part of me felt like she wasn’t quit right for the role in the beginning. Or it could just be that her character annoyed the shit out of me at first. Who knows it might be both.

The ending was very (slightly) anticlimactic to me. I felt like they still had one more guy to take care of after this one. Like it was a little to easy. But then again i guess its a testimony to the fact that it doesn’t really take much but a lot of courage and a little balls to stand up in order to get rid of people like that. (watch and you will find out.)

I also cant finish this with out mentioning the awesome cameo in the end. I bit you drama viewers. If you have not yet seen this drama Watch Bad guys first. That you will be so cracking up at the end. Ending with a good laugh is always the best way yo end a drama.


Here is what it scored

Acting – 9

Plot- 10

Story- 7

Cinematography – 7

Comedy- 8

Over All – 8

Some people might find the drama itself a little… well plain. But when you get down to its its a great plot that gets you thinking and gives you some good laughs along the way. Check it out.


Drama Review: Another Oh HaeYoung

Park DoKyoung is the director of a sound agency. He makes his living using the one thing and skill that his father left him with. A love for the sounds that surround him. He is known for his prickly personality, extreme attention to detail and scary good work. Ever since he was left at the alter he had been a miserable mess. After a few years he has put his life back together but he is still quite… well, miserable. He lives with his older sister and younger brother in a part of the house they grew up in. He has to deal with situations created by his loose canon of a mother and while trying to keep his life together. After being left at the alter by the love of his life Oh HeaYoung he struggles to keep on living happily. Until he starts seeing things that he doesn’t remember seeing or doing. Is it dejavu? Can he tell the future now? And why does he keep seeing this one woman?

Oh HaeYoung has suffered from a serious form of identity crisis for all of her high school life. And its not just because of her common name but mostly because of the Pretty, smarter more popular Oh HaeYoung in her class that everyone else loved and constantly compared her too. But she is now an adult and she no longer has to deal with it. She is somewhat successful and her life really seem to be on track. Until her fiance dumps her the day before her wedding. In an attempt to gain some control of the situation she decides to take the blame for it. And thus her long journey to console herself and move on begins. With a new attitude, new home and new outlook on life and a whole lot of alcohol she charges ahead. She even meets a new guy she has set her sights on.  And the story ensues.

This has got to be one of my favorite shows this season. I had been waiting to write this and checking weekly hoping that another two episodes will pop up but I guess i’m not so lucky. A girl can dream cant she?

I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It was the perfect thing for me to look forward to every Monday. And I am yet to find something good enough to replace that hole in my weekly show time list. The story opens with each character in a point in lives where they have hit a low point and they seem to have been stuck there for quite a while. It shows how each tries to live through it and how they struggle to get out of it. Its a great display of how we as human beings deal with the issues that plague us daily. It is also a great representation of how pain, hurt, and resentment shape us into who we are and how we react with others.

There were two things about the way that this drama was presented that had a big impact on its viewage. The Characters, and The whole flash back future present deja vu madness that took place. I’m sure you know how I have been scared by past dramas and this obsession with the flash back past story concept and or editing style. This is probably the first drama that I have seen that had a flash forward that wasn’t just meant to soothe the tortured souls of the viewing public after waiting for ever for the happy ending. I must say that the way they presented the concept is new and I must most definitely admit that it played an integral part to the story. Without getting too annoying.

The cinematography also played a big role in making us understanding exactly how Dokyung must have felt when he saw “the future” and then his added confusion and frustration. Also the intentionally over done and underdone set up of certain scenes added to the comedy aspect as well.

As for the characters a have to say that Oh HaeYoung (the cool one played by Seo HyunJin lol) is my favorite character. She is spunky and may come off as lightly strange but that is her strength. The girls is the embodiment of the phrase ‘fake it till’ you make it” I feel like you can see that she has grown (or is at least trying to ) pass her insecurities and is ready to embrace the rest of her life. Even when she is met with the bumps in her road I envy her ability to bounce back. and also how she is not just  plainly written to bounce back and be happy and pretend like it never happened but she is also angry resentful and spiteful just like us regular folk.

Who else enjoyed he comical relief that JinSang (who would name their son that lol poor kid) brought to the screen. You love them but here is only so much you can take from that walking ball of misery named DoKyung(Eric Moon) at one time. Kim Jisuk does a great job playing assholes and he definitely knocked it out the park this time too. His character might have been a head ache but you could tell he was deep and a good friend. It might take him a while to get there but when he comes around you can tell he is a good guy (deep, deeeeeeeeeeeep inside).

Not to mention Ye JiWon, She character was so funny. I haven’t seen any of her dramas but on the surface shoes doesn’t seem like the type to play a part like this. But she did really well. She was hilarious.

The Park Hoon and Yoon AhNa combo were cute to watch too. They definitely did do well at nodging the main character just enough and became very appreciative plot movers. Heo YoungJi and Heo Jongmin did pretty decent job playing the maknaes

I can’t end this review without mentioning Kim MiKyoung. She is my favorite supporting actress of all time. She always plays these crucial roles that you just cant see the show without. When you look at character like Hwang DukHi you don’t even have to wonder how Haeyoung is the way she is. I love watching them together. They have great chemistry. The two of the best scenes definitely have to be the sober dance scene and the karaoke. Her character is like the definition of the word mom. She may shout and scold and curse. But she is the ever present supporter and comforter and is most certainly a big reason why Haeyoung is such a strong woman with a strong personality.

Can we talk about this awesome soundtrack? The drama leaves you with the music completely ingrained in you. The songs were really sweet and fitting. The music style choice really added to the type of feel to wanted to create.

Here is what it scored,

Plot – 8

Story – 9

Character Development – 9

Music – 9

Cinematography – 10

Comedy – 8

Acting- 10

Fashion – 9

Over All- 10

Yes people a 10. If you haven’t given this dram a try yet. You are missing out. It is a rom com with a very original plot. Its got a story line you can relate to and characters that you will love and miss. Check it out!



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Drama review: Lucky Romance


Shin BonHui has had bad luck for as long as she can remember. So when bad things kept happening she could only blame herself. After her parents died and her sister later gets in an accident and ends up in a coma, she then goes to the extreme with her superstitious beliefs and bad luck prevention methods. In turn she ends up practically locking herself away for the world around her. But when her sister’s state begins to deteriorate she her fortune teller gives her one option to save her. BonHui has to spend the night with a man that was born in the year of the Tiger.

Chae Seho is a math prodigy turned game programming genius. He built his game development company from scratch and is known to be a tough boss. In his mind everything can be explained by math, logic and science. He doesn’t like talking in front of huge crowds, his favorite pass time is working, he doesn’t like Superstition and he was born in the year of a tiger…

When Shin BonHui finds out he is  a tiger they make a deal, but can she break through his tough exterior? After Bonhui pushes her self into his life he finds that he cant help but want to prove to her that her way of thinking is wrong and unfounded.

I know I heard a lot of talk about this drama being plain and slow and just… well bad. But you know what? I liked it. Surprise, surprise. (Like I’m hard to please psssh). The slow movement of the story was not something I really felt. Which was probably because I waited to watch this and binged for the first 6 episodes. But in retrospect I can see how others felt it could be a little slow. But it definitely balanced out towards the middle and to end since the plot speed. In my opinion and compared to others began to move really fast.

Superstition is one of the things in this world that you can find where everywhere you go. And what makes it interesting is that its is so diverse and culturally specific that its always interesting to watch and learn about. It is not something I believe in but it was definitely good to see and learn more about the Korean way for handling with it. You always find dramas where it is a small element or just  used as a plot device. This is the first time I’ve seen it so in depth.  (yay~~ learning experience!)

The gooey cheese that I got from the main couple was not exactly easy to watch but you know what I was glad for it because its not something you get a lot of in drams like this. I’m sure if you followed my previous posts, you would know that I long for dramas where I see a relationship. I appreciated the fact that I got to watch their development as a couple. Not only that but for the first time in what feels like forever I see a couple whose only set back was themselves. Not evil exes, no crazy mothers. Just good old plain self hindrance.

Not only that but we have a main female lead whose one few trait was not the constant sunny disposition. Although some might feel she is a bit of a downer. Its the simple truth that people just aren’t always happy and she might take her bad luck prevention to the extreme but that was a big part of her charm. And our resident genius. Yes I admit he’s rich, has childhood trauma, acts mean, never had a real relationship, never their first and is slightly OCD with the cleaning. But I feel like that where the cliches stop. This is the first drama I’ve seen in a while where the guy, from basically the start of the show, knows what he wants and starts to go after it. And its not just the obvious situation where the female lead tries to heal the main ma wounds and makes him a better person. We’ve got a solid-ish drama where two people with some serious problems (at least in my book) help each other resolve their issues and become better together.

Oh Ryu JoonYeol… my JoonYeol.. After seeing him in  Reply 1988. I wanted more and boy was I  glad for this drama. Not only was he everywhere but he GOT THE GIRL! WHOHO~. OMG his smile he is so charming and…. (ive melted so I cant finish my sentence. lol) Ok but seriously As for how he played the character I did not see it coming. His character seem very two sided to me. In the beginning you see the harsh strict guy, but but then he falls for a girl and he completely melts its like your left with a little kid. Total 360. I was taken aback at first but then i just got used to it. He played both sides well and even the mature middle ground that his character found towards the end. I liked his character quirks and all. He was adorable. And that was a type of role I didn’t think I’d ever get to see him play. So imagine my surprise…

Hwang JungEun never ceases to amazing me in her roles. She hits it hard every time.  I never have any complaints about her acting. Her character this time around has definitly got to be the craziest I’ve seen he do though. She is paranoid, and eccentric, how often to you come across one like her. Ooh, Shin BonHui, Frankly she made me laugh a lot throughout the show with all her antics and carrying on. They really did a lot to express her personality. Her clothing style for instance. She always wore really nice pieces that looked great on her. But its the way that the clothing was always layered that made her character seem heavy like she was carrying around  the weight of the world. And really in her own way she was.

Okay, you have to let me take a moment to fan girl over Gary Choi. My Eyes were so happy to see Lee SooHyuk again after The Scholar who walks the night. I must admit That I miss the long hair but that rich voice was more than enough to make all that subside (Ok I’ll stop.) I knew from the start that he would have been out of luck with the main lead (but honestly how can you friend-zone Lee SooHyuk) lo.l I do have to admit though. For once I didn’t leave the drama with second lead syndrome. I somehow felt resolved at the end.

I usually like watching the side story couple in dramas. They usually give me air to breathe when the main couple would give me trouble. But I cant say if it was because I wasn’t being stressed out by the main guys this time around but I can say I wasn’t following them like I usually would. I can even say that I would not have been mad if they didn’t end up together. Maybe it was because I got so much goo from the main couple what it was a totally over load when you added theirs on top of it. (Total lovey dovey K.O. people BEWARE!) But I guess they became a necessary plot mover so  I cant do with out them.

There are definitely a few this that came out in the plot that weren’t fully explored or kinds ignored but in the end I guess that wasn’t what the story was about.  It had a way of showing how everyone had their own story, past, trauma and lives but it focused to the very end only on how all of those stories affected the main characters. So I guess the open ended-ness of those possible unexplored routes wasn’t such a bad thing. Because if they were we would probably have had a total 20  episode makJang on our hands.

You can see how hard they worked in production just by looking around at the set and how they brought it to life. The fashion, the homes, each space that was showed showed how they related to the characters and their personality. I always love when you can find a connect like that. And I have to talk about the graphics. The poster and the color choices and how it was all put together was well done in my opinion. Just the composition of the image above shows says a lot about the characters. Especially Shin BonHui.

Here is what it Scored:

Story – 9

Plot -8

Character Development -8

Cinematography -8

production and setup -10

Fashion -9

Music – 8

Comedy – 7.5

Over All: 8

Its not a perfect drama with a bad ass plot but it does have a lot of charm. It a little different, not your typical cliche characters and only a slightly cliche plot. But it was fun and sweet. If your a drama lover you definitely have to give one of these types a watch once in a while. Its good for the soul.